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The history of the daphne that is known with soap goes far beyond ancient times. Acording to the myht.Apollon,one day sees a very beautiful young girl on the river Peneus in Thesselia. This beautiful girl is called Daphne.The hair of this girl was beautiful,clear and good smelling hair. Apollon loves her at the first lock.Daphne used to live in the deep forest and liked to chase animal and to live alone with the nature, that's why she did not want to get married ans she did not like men.However Apollon,who loved her wanted to talk to her. But Daphne was afraid of him and she began to run away from him.Apollon couldn't stop her whatever he said.

Daphe run away until she gets tired.When she gets tired she falls dawn and she began to plead the Soil Mother(goddess) ; "Please Soil Mother! coover on me save me!".The Soil Mother hears her pleads and Daphne began to feel that her tired legs began to be firmer and firmer until they get wooden.The grey colored cover closes her body,her beautiful hair converts to be leaves and her hands becames brancher of the tree. Her small legs get deeper in the soil as roots.Apollon wants to hold Daphne but he was astonished with the crushing with the tree and he found out that the heartbeats.

"Daphne!" "You are going to be the holy tree of Apollon.Your levaes that never get lighter and nevr fall down will be the crown of my hair. The heroes,warriors,famous poets,the successful people will put this leave on their heads with proud."

When Apollon says that Daphne in order to thanks him for this kindness,bows her head and sways her branches with respect. The doctors,kings,famous poets,voluable heroes,warriors and successful people in the Ancient Rome and Greek Empire are prouded and crowned by the leaves and branches of daphne.

The mythological case that is told above is realized in Harbiye town inside Antakya district that is famous with is waterfalls,plenty of waters and green trees,that place is called Daphne.

The daphne trees are most intensively found in this district and it is rarely found in other parts of Turkey and of the world.